Almost Ready!

Welcome! We’re in the process of updating our website to bring some flexibility and spontaneity to our web presence. We’re a church that will celebrate its 300th anniversary in a few years, but we’re already preparing for the next generation. Within a few weeks, you’ll be able to learn all about our staff, services, community activities, Sunday School program, concerts and special events, and connect to us in virtual or electronic ways! You’ll have the ability to access much more information than we’ve ever offered before:

You’ll be able to:

  • Read our newsletters and calendars
  • See the current week’s worship bulletins and announcements
  • Register for study groups, activities and programs
  • Request tickets for any events we sponsor
  • Look at, or even add to, an online photo gallery of some of our church activities
  • Reserve the church for a special event, or download the guidelines and contracts for those events.
  • If you are a Lay Reader, upcoming readings will be available to preview or download.
  • If you teach Sunday School, you can download curriculum units and resources.
  • You’ll continue to be able to make online donations through the security of PayPal.

In other words, this site will become an expansion of everything we currently offer through the office and phonelines.


Please be patient with us for a few weeks as we make this transition. We’re delighted that this will become an interactive site, as well. When an article or review is placed here, you’ll be able to add your comments and make suggestions, too! We’re looking to build on our strong sense of community, and make that access available 24/7! This is a big step for us, and probably quite a new step for many of you, as well.

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