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Pastor’s Musings  2017

In ancient time, August 1st marked the beginning of Autumn. This wasn’t because climate was very different to now, just that it was the traditional time to begin harvesting what the fields and farms had produced. Here, it’s the height of the Summer season, but we are just on the cusp of readying ourselves for the Autumn season; filled with activities and programs!

As we face this Autumn, we can pause and reflect on some of the changes that have occurred this summer. We have finally come up with a way to get rid of the “beautiful” trailer that has served as our office for seven and a half years! The office is now located in the church building for the first time in many, many years. We have more space than we did, and we are settling in nicely! Everyone should come and see the happy church staff hard at work in our new setting!

This move involved creating a new way to store the choir’s music and create a new area for their needs. We were able to obtain a custom storage unit to hold the robes and sheet music in an attractive and efficient way. This should be complete by early September, and should last us for many years to come!

We also host a wide array of events each summer and the church continues to be busy with music and speakers filling our sanctuary every week! This summer feels very busy, but I suspect that each summer feels busy when you’re in the middle of it! I know that I enjoy this season, but I am also ready for the program year to begin in September. Over the years I’ve been in ministry, I have always enjoyed the cycles of the Christian Year. This time of greening and blossom coinciding with our Summer, leads naturally to harvest and in-gathering, so naturally occurring in Autumn. The beginnings of the Christian Year in Advent and the arrival of Winter are also well-timed, giving us Light and Hope as our themes, just as the natural light fades and the temperatures drop. Epiphany gives way to Lent and the arrival of Spring and Easter almost at once! And we begin the process of deepening and growing our faith all over again.

I don’t know just when it was that colors were first associated with these seasonal moments, but it’s a wonderful choice! The green, the purple, blue, white and red marking as clearly as a signal flag just what we are to expect. Simple signs point us forward together, and we have already come a long way as a faith community. We don’t have a simple marker to point to our founding date, or any real connection to the places our church building has been, but we stand here as a testimony of 300 years of Christian faith in this community and we still stand in the power of that faith and in the gospel which makes a home for all who seek God. We are still the place of unquestioning welcome, of grace without limits, of blessing and hope no matter who you are or where you are on your life’s journey! That’s worth remembering!


In Christ’s Service,

Pastor Paul

1st Congregational Church, UCC
200 Main Street Wellfleet MA 02667
Pastor: Rev. Paul Cullity
Minister of Music: Brad Williams
Church Secretary: Nellie DiPinto
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